We’re a bunch of guys who are passionate about hifi. We don’t like the fact that the world of home theatre and hifi has become over commercialised and over jargonised by an excess of marketing and a drought in real science. We’re sick of walking into a store only to be told that there is only one way of going about doing something. We’re sick of reviews and websites making ridiculous claims, of people either over complicating or over simplifying. We recognise that there is a rather large grey area in the hi-fi world and we’re here to explore it.

We’re here to provide an unbiased, scientific, non-jargonised view of everything hi-fi.

And hey, we’re expecting that sometimes we’ll probably get it wrong. But we’d be man enough to admit it given enough evidence – that’s real science.

If you have article suggestions, comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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