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Admit it Apple, you’ve c*cked it up!

It’s only been a couple of weeks since Apple’s release of the latest iPhone, but already the number of problems with the device are flooding in. Apart from their controversial iPhone antenna problem, users are reporting that the device is freezing, calls randomly dropping out, and the latest: it’s catching fire!

Since the emergence of the antenna problem, Apple has stated that the problem is not caused by hardware, but a flaw in software calculating the signal strength.

What a load of bollocks! Does Apple really take us all for idiots? Not to mention the couple of people from this site alone who work in the industry, there are hundreds of specialist antenna designers and consultants who’ve laughed at Apple’s trivial design error in putting the antenna on the outside. Yet, their best response is that they didn’t calculate the number of bars correctly? I won’t even justify that ludicrous claim with an argument.

It seems to me that Apple started off producing excellent, user friendly and excessively tested products to ensure that bugs and flaws are essentially non-existent before release, unlike their industry counterparts. But it appears that their hectic product release timeline really has started to catch up to them. A company like Apple which has products as widely distributed as the iPhone really needs to ensure that they’ve covered absolutely all bases before releasing something as popular as this. But they’ve clearly dropped the ball here.

The thing that ticks me off the most though, isn’t the fact that they’ve clearly designed a lemon. It’s the fact that they have the tenacity to tell us that the problem isn’t what it really is. Apple seems to have forgotten that we’re not all pimply faced teenagers who use their products. They need to accept responsibility and acknowledge that they’ve really c*cked it up.

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