Home Made Hi-Fi

I’m a huge fan of home made stuff. There’s something special about making something from scratch, knowing where every piece sits, how everything works, and if you’re good at DIY, that the result is a solid piece of craftsmanship that can rarely be found at any reasonable price in a store.

I’ve recently decided to take on a project to build a hi-fi rack, given my rather large amount of leave available in Jan. I’ve got a reasonably good turntable setup which is lacking a place to live. I’ve also heard about how racks are supposed to affect sound – something I’m not entirely convinced about. I’d like to test this theory and build something that’s worthy of proper audiophile status without spending a silly amount of money. I think it can be done.

Meanwhile, this is a website of a guy who does some amazing stuff. I’m a rather huge fan:


Have a look at the way he designs and constructs his speakers. Amazing stuff.

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