Real life HDMI cables

After my previous post on whether HDMI cables make a difference, I’ve been receiving endless emails on the subject.

Here’s what most websites will say on the matter (example).

- Cheap cables work 100% as well as expensive cables (note, 100%).

- HDMI cables are akin to printer/ethernet/other computer cables.

- Short HDMI cables will have zero (note, ZERO) errors.

- Long HDMI cables will need to be better quality than shorter ones.

I giggle to myself everytime I read some of these pages. Their own statements are contradictory. If, short HDMI cables have zero difference then why suddenly does a longer cable make a difference? What constitutes “long” anyway? Does a 5m cable need to be good quality? What about a 6m one?

It’s amazing how people are STILL comparing HDMI cables to computer cables. HDMI is a one-directional protocol, compared with a completely different system of communications used by computers. Someone who makes this statement, in my books, is instantly discredited as being an “expert”. It’s a stupid thing to say.

Most will still go on to say something about buying from ebay being a bad idea. I wonder why? If they’re all the same and have zero loss, then what’s the issue?

The internet is full of people in forums complaining that their $2 ebay cable doesn’t work or gets pixelated. Google it. Again, I’m not for the “high end” HDMI cable, but it’s so naive and stupid to just plainly dismiss all HDMI cables as “error free” and “the same”.

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