The Rack – Frame Is Up!

Got up at 6am this morning to start building. I must admit, I was surprised at how quickly and easily I was able to put the basic thing together. I mounted everything on a flat surface, clamped it down, and within an hour I had a free standing structure.

Check it out!

Rack - The Minimalist


Angle grind down the welds, and voila.

I also welded some nuts onto some squares which fit the ends of the columns. This is going to be used as stoppers for the sand fill.

I made a little bottom sealed compartment to put the legs in.



Speaking of legs, here’s what they look like:



As you can see, the critical part is a ball that rests onto a rubber covered steel plate. They’re also super adjustable.

Picked up my acrylic sheet (AKA perspex) as well. Check it out…

25mm Acrylic Sheet

25mm Acrylic Sheet

They’re super heavy (about 1.5-2kg each), and sonically dead. (ed: matt botched up the calculations, they’re actually 8.5kg)

Tomorrow, I’m planning to mount the legs, mount the shelf rests and finish grinding everything back.

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