The Rack – Materials Purchased

Went out and bought materials. Being in Australia, there’s not alot you can source in terms of cool extruded aluminium or shelf fittings. We only have structural mild steel, nuts, bolts and to be on the exotic side, my dad’s awesome vibration isolation feet.

Anyway. Here’s a list of the stuff:

- 65mm square mild steel, 3mm thick (Inspired by when I built a shed with the same stuff. It’s cheap, easy to weld and very, very strong).

- A bag of kiln dried sand. If you’re ever planning to fill a rack, speaker, plinth with anything, you MUST use kiln dried sand. Normal sand has moisture still in the grains and, over time, will cause rust, mold and general unpleasantness. Stay away from normal sand.

- 25mm acrylic sheet shelves. I decided to use acrylic instead of MDF. It not only looks better, but has more mass. It’s also acoustically dead, and the same material as that of my turntable platter. Cool…

- Nuts, bolts, to finish the sand fill stoppers and to attach on the legs.

- Heavy duty, vibration isolating, full adjustable feet. These things can swivel, adjust for angle and height. I’m not sure what their cost is but I suspect they’re pretty expensive. They’re sourced from my dad who works in precision engineering. They use these feet to mount huge machinery which need vibration isolation to achieve extremely low tolerances. Lacking this I suppose you could use good old spikes or ball bearings on metal floor protectors (which ideally should be rubber lined on the bottom).

- Auto body filler.

- Steel weld wire.

- I still need to get paint, but I haven’t decided on the colour yet.

More to come soon. Here’s a picture of what the steel looks like:

65mm Square Mild Steel

65mm Square Mild Steel

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