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The Hi-Fi Page is a collaboration of resources from many contributors. Meet the guys who make this possible. If you’re interested in writing for us, contact us by click on the tab.

Eduardo Gonzalez

Eduardo Gonzalez

Eduardo Gonzalez (Admin)

Ed has a day job as a signals engineer for a major mobile telecommunications company. He specialises in noise systems and in particular noise modelling in digital systems.

Despite his day job associations, his interest (ironically) lies in analogue electronics. He has a rather large collection of valves from the 60s.

Ed’s dream has always been to spend his days restoring old cars and writing about audio. Unfortunately his kids need an education so he works to pay their exhorbitant school fees.

Ed has a love of old vinyl, acoustic guitars and chorizo sausages.

Dan Mason

Dan Mason

Dan Mason

My name is Dan Mason.

I’m a huge fan of all the new technology that has come around recently, most notably HDMI and Blu Ray. I’m a writer, blogger and contributor to a number of audio, hi-fi and home theatre magazines. I found the love of writing after friend of mine asked me to contribute a short passage to his site. These days I write for a few different websites and I try to give as much help as I can to beginner hi-fi enthusiasts looking to get started.

I’m from Australia, and my day job is in acoustic engineering.

Chris L

Hi, my name is Chris. I was a former noise engineer at an engineering consulting house. I knew Ed as a former colleague who has worked on numerous projects with me in my time as a consultant. These days I run my own consulting company and we advise mostly the government on maritime communications infrastucture.

I found the love of hi-fi as a kid in the post war era, building radios and bits for fun. These days the toys are flashier and more expensive, but the underlying technology is the same. I really appreciate how the world has taken this invisible movement of electrons and exploded it into something that we can’t go without. I hope I can make things easier for you by giving you a view of these gadgets from a designer/engineer’s point of view.

Thanks for reading!

Matthew Hodgeson

G’day. Matt here. My love is vintage amps and guitars. I’ve just been hooked on the sound of valves since I was a kid. I repair old amps for fun.

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